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The Cook and Baker Cookbook

24 September 2015Topic Cookbooks We Love

Our first cookbook, The Cook and Baker, is now available for purchase in our shop, at 238 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.


In our first cookbook, we have modernised and refined traditional recipes but stayed true to our early memories of home baking in New Zealand. In this book you’ll find an exquisite hummingbird cake, a delicate red velvet cake and decadent chocolate salted caramel mixed with some NZ favourites such as the Afghan biscuit and Louise cake. There are gluten-free goods such as the much loved flourless mandarin-marmalade cake, flourless chocolate fudge cake and even a raw brownie!

The Cook and Baker contains 110 fool-proof recipes that offer everything you need to take your home baking up a notch. These are deliciously bold recipes with traditional roots. You’ll just adore the world’s best donut filled with vanilla custard and jam, cream filled chocolate lamingtons and cheese scones better than your grandmother used to make!

As much as possible we have stuck to the ideal of home-made ingredients from the jam in our donuts to the tomato sauce served with our pies and the honey from our rooftop hives’. Who could possibly resist?

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Publication date: 1 September 2015
240 pages, Hardback
ISBN 9781743365199